1989, 10%

Denmarks leading publisher of fiction and non-fiction for children and adults and of educational material of all kinds.

2006, 51%

Independent laboratory specialised in testing, development and trouble shooting within coatings materials. Holds patents within  environmentally, yet effective proctive and marine coatings through Aerogel Aps.

2008, 25%

Nissan og Fiat dealer, dominating within Nissan electric cars on Zealand

2018, 10%

Photocat is a Danish green tech company that produces a photocatalytic technology for building materials, which reduces air pollution.

Real Estate Rental

10 - 50% shareholding in rental buildings in Germany and Denmark, with an asset value of the ownership of 60 mill. DKK and an annual rent of more than 6 mill. DKK.

Energy Generation

Windmills and solar parks, mainly in Germany, with a capacity of more than 28 MW and production of more than 30 GWh or 25 mill. DKK.

Private Equity

EQT V, 2006; EQT VI, 2011; CVC VI, 2013; Polaris IV 2016

Eurofins Scientific

French quoted company consolidating high cost, low utilization bioanalytical laboratories worldwide

Scandinavian Private Equity

Quoted fund-of-funds investment company investing in scandinavian private equity funds

Other Quoted Portfolio